Situated on a remote headland in the North East of Skye, Croft41 is a stylish and contemporary house located just six miles from Uig in the small township of Borneskitaig. The property enjoys views towards the Minch and the Outer Hebrides and was designed by the award winning Rural Design architects. Its innovative design and timber construction follows the lines of the traditional barns and steadings that can be found throughout the Highlands.

Constructed to meet the rigours of the Highland weather and the highest standards of energy efficiency Croft41 achieved an air leakage test result of 1.27 (m³/hr/m²@50Pa) to put that in context the average Scottish home sits around 9 and a fully Passivhaus is 1. This means that unless it is overcast and the temperature is below 12°C Croft41 does not require any additional heat. The ambient heat from domestic appliances and habitation are enough to maintain a comfortable inside temperature.

Croft41 provides something a little different from the traditional houses that are found on the Island and the high quality self-catering accommodation with beautiful views allow you to enjoy everything Skye has to offer in every sort of weather!

It can feel like driving to the end of the earth to get there – but once you’ve arrived, the peace, comfort and stunning location is a very worthy reward.

Available for let all year round come and enjoy the Isle of Skye in all seasons.